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Smart Content Delivery

Take the Fastest Route

Getting information to your end users quickly is critical when you do business on the Internet. Heavy network traffic or unbalanced server loads can slow your data transport significantly and lead to a frustrating experience for end users. Automatically distribute Internet content from the fastest server located near your end user. NTT’s Smart Content Delivery (SCD) solutions take advantage of advanced technology to transmit data quickly. It all happens automatically. You don’t have to worry about it, and end users get their data when they need it.

The Benefits

Connect to Your Customers

NTT’s SCD hosts are geographically distributed, both domestically and internationally. When you transmit data, SCD automatically selects the fastest server nearest your customer. When your customer requests information, your data takes the quickest path available. The result is a quick response time that eliminates frustration by reducing download times.

Need to Deliver Video?

No problem. NTT’s SCD can be used to quickly and effectively deliver video in the most common formats, including Flash and Windows.

Prevent Server Overload

During times of peak demand, servers become overloaded with data requests. Overloaded servers create slow response times for your customers. In these situations, NTT’s SCD automatically directs the end user’s request to the server with the best response time. The result? Peak usage periods don’t slow down your user’s experience, and end user download time of both static and rich media content is improved. Server congestion is no longer a problem for you or your customers.

Eliminate Downtime Through Server Redundancy

If one of your servers is down for routine maintenance or becomes disabled, SCD solutions make sure that your data keeps moving. Data requests during these periods are simply routed to another server. This server redundancy makes outage periods transparent to your customers. Data keeps moving and customers are kept happy. Your solution has all the built-in redundancies of one of the most reliable networks in the world.

Reduce Costs with Fewer Servers

SCD “smart routing” eliminates the need to purchase extra servers to handle heavy traffic during peak load periods. It ensures that you get the most out of your equipment by optimizing server use. NTT’s SCD solutions also provide you with a cost-effective way to offer a wide range of applications, such as streaming multimedia. There’s no additional capital outlay, systems administration, or in-house expertise involved. SCD removes the complexities, resource constraints, and costs that businesses must endure when managing a web environment. The result is a more effective, efficient, and intelligent method for providing web and rich media content. Your end users receive your content quicker and at a lower cost.

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