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A Seemless Interconnection through our Global IP Network

The Telecom Manager’s Dilemma

As a business, you probably use more than one technology platform for your networking purposes. You use Ethernet to transfer mission critical data within your Local Area Network (LAN), use private, site-to-site networks for connectivity between corporate sites and remote offices, and the Internet for public data transfer. But having multiple connections running different protocols is not optimal. Networks with a tiered communication structure suffer from high cost, lack of flexibility, and complicated support systems.

Grow Your Opportunity

You need something more secure than a general Internet connection. You want to leverage the network you already have in place, expand your footprint, and back up your data via private connections. VLink is ideal for companies looking for more cost-effective, flexible, reliable, and secure connections between multiple locations.

Why Choose VLink?

VLink allows for a free flow of information between locations and runs on one port, which means you can add IP transit and run your Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic all on the same port. VLink Direct, VLink Plus, and VLink Mesh configurations meld the flexibility and scalability of Layer 3 technology with the dedicated traffic paths and management capabilities of Layer 2 so you get the best of both layers. By leveraging our Tier-1 IP network’s points of presence, backed by an industry leading SLA, your select locations will be seamlessly connected around the clock.

Our Architecture Types

VLink Direct

VLink Direct creates a point-to-point architecture that provides a seamless connection between two locations. By leveraging the NTT network, Enterprises are able to create a Wide Area Network (WAN) extending across two locations.

VLink Plus

With our VLink Plus point-to-multipoint architecture, we use our world-class network to connect a primary location to two or more remote locations across the NTT network. Your connections run at Layer 2, separate from the public Internet. Because your IT staff is familiar with Ethernet connectivity, provisioning our point-to-multipoint solution doesn’t involve a learning curve.

VLink Mesh

Our VLink Mesh multipoint-to-multipoint architecture provides a path to interconnect three or more of your locations across our global IP backbone. By using our network to create your own private network, you get the benefit of employees and applications connecting as if they are on the same LAN, even when they may be thousands of miles apart. Using the Global IP Network gives you reliable connections that put your business on the leading edge while keeping costs down.


Seamlessly scalable to meet your needs, VLink is available between two or more PoP locations on the Global IP Network so you can easily transfer voice, video, and data all over the same link at speeds up to 10Gbps.
Service locations for the Americas
Los Angeles, CA San Francisco, CA New York, NY Chicago, IL
Palo Alto, CA Ashburn, VA Boston, MA Dallas, TX
Sacramento, CA Dulles, VA Miami, FL Houston, TX
San Jose, CA Reston, VA Atlanta, GA Seattle, WA
Toronto, CN
Service locations for Asia
Tokyo Seoul Osaka
Hong Kong Taipei Kuala Lumpur
Bangkok Jakarta Singapore
Service locations for Europe
Dublin Vienna Madrid Barcelona
Manchester Frankfurt Bucharest Stockholm
London Düsseldorf Warsaw Luxembourg
Paris Budapest Amsterdam Milan
Marseille Sofia Berlin Brussels



VLink is volume-tiered based on a commitment and allows for bursting so you only pay for the traffic you need. VLink uses RFC 4448 style Ethernet technology, which runs across our backbone, delivering substantial cost savings over traditional private networks. Not to mention Ethernet is a protocol widely known by IT professionals, so there’s no training investment involved.

Flexible and Scalable

We’ll provide you with a low latency solution and a flexible upgrade path for your existing network at speeds up to 10Gbps. An upgrade in bandwidth is just a call away and can be added within days, not weeks or months, as with traditional WAN technology.

Safe and Reliable

VLink is backed by our industry-leading SLA, including 100% availability and low latency and jitter guarantees. With prioritized buffering, your traffic gets where it needs to go, quickly. There’s also no Layer 3 packet analysis or routing, which means no risk of spoofing or DDoS attacks. And you can easily encrypt parts or all of your traffic to prevent access by nonauthorized users. We provide a defined path via an LSP that easily directs your traffic between endpoints.


VLink makes it easy to integrate WAN reach into an existing LAN without any of the overhead normally associated with adding WAN capabilities. Multiple traffic types such as voice, video, and data can run all on the same link so there’s no need for separate networks. VLink is also protocol neutral so you can run the Layer 2 or 3 protocol of your choice across your WAN.

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