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Account Cancelations

What to Expect - Our Process
  1. Notify us of your intent to cancel by completing the form below.
  2. You will receive an automated response with a tracking number. Please keep this number; it is your confirmation that you notified us of your intent to cancel. (If you don’t receive a tracking number, then we didn’t receive your request, and you will need to contact our billing group at 1-800-438-8374.)
  3. We will email / fax you a formal cancellation form that must be signed by an authorized contact on your account and faxed back to us at the number listed on the form.
  4. Once we receive a signed and dated cancellation request, we will send you a confirmation that details the services to be canceled, the effective date of the cancellation, and a summary of any early termination fees or other charges that are applicable.

Important: Save this confirmation. It is your proof that we have received and accepted your cancellation request. Until you receive this confirmation, you do not have a valid cancellation.

In order to terminate early, Customer’s primary contact person on the account should notify NTT of such request to do so. In the case of credit card orders, all termination requests should be signed by Customer’s primary contact person on the account who must provide the last four digits of the credit card on file with NTT. However, NTT shall not be liable for unauthorized termination of an account.

Yes, I have read and understand the terms listed above. Proceed to cancel services.
No, I do not understand or agree with the terms listed above. Please send email for help.

Please contact us to provide you with the best assistance possible.

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NTT is a global leader in all Internet-related businesses. Our Tier 1 Global IP Network, consistently ranked among the top networks worldwide, spans the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, providing the best possible environment for content, data and video transport through a single autonomous system number (AS2914).