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Don’t Take The Risk

Web access can be a major vulnerability for your organization. Employees are at risk of coming across a malicious website that can expose your network to security threats, legal and regulatory liability, or impair productivity and system performance. You need a service that can monitor and detect policy violations across the full spectrum of web-based content.

Our Solution

Our UTM Web Content Filtering solution is the most advanced monitored content security product on the market today. With unique, proactive architecture and a Rating Server database of 26 million websites and over 1 billion pages sorted into over 70 categories, we can reduce the risks and legal liability associated with illegal content.

How It Works

  1. A user requests a URL.
  2. The rating for the requested URL is immediately compared with the policy for that user.
  3. If the policy allows the page, the website response is passed to the requestor. Otherwise, a user-definable “blocked” message is sent to the requestor and the event is logged in the content filtering log.

Blocking Traffic

Additional Support

Our Web Content Filtering solution allows you to block and monitor:


  • Non-business-related web traffic or web access that violates your Internet usage policy
  • Websites known to be infected with viruses or spyware
  • Websites that create excess bandwidth utilization (including sites with streaming media, Internet radio and peer-to-peer sharing)
  • Websites that reduce productivity (including sites with advertisements, message boards, instant messaging and free downloads)

With our UTM Web Content Filtering solution, you get:


  • Access to a customized online portal with detailed reports to help inform your policy enforcement decisions
  • Use of our Rating Server Signature Database, continuously updated to block even the most recent sites embedded with malware
  • 24x7x365 technical support from our around-the-clock security experts
  • Backing by our fully redundant data centers located around the world
  • Industry-leading content inspection programs to help increase your organization’s productivity, avoid legal liability, and reduce unnecessary load on corporate bandwidth

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